About the TCOLA Study

The TCOLA (A Technology-based Colorectal Cancer Support Program for Asian American Women) study is a study on cancer survivorship of Asian American women's colorectal cancer survivors.

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of the proposed study is to explore the preliminary efficacy of the technology-based colorectal cancer support program for Asian American women (TCOLA) in enhancing the women’s colorectal cancer survivorship experience.

What are the specific aims of this study?

The specific aims are to: a) evaluate the TCOLA program through an expert review; b) explore the preliminary efficacy of the TCOLA in improving survivorship experience of Asian American women.

What is the method of this study?

For the 1st specific aim: 5 self-identified experts in oncology (preferably in colorectal cancer and/or cancer survivorship will be recruited, and will be asked to provide their evaluation on the educational content in the TCOLA.

For the second specific aim: self-reported Asian American women in the U.S. aged 21 years and older who have had a colorectal cancer diagnosis in the past 5 years; can read and write English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, or Japanese; and have access to the Internet through computers or mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). Total of 60 research participants will be recruited for the study. Research participants are being recruited on the Internet, and data collection will be conducted using the Internet. Depending on the group that you are randomly assigned, you may or may not be asked to use the TCOLA.

How can I contact the research team for further information?

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the research team at .

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